Lanarkshire Local Medical Committee

About Us

Lanarkshire Local Medical Committee – What We Do

Lanarkshire Local Medical Committee is the representative body for all General Medical Practitioners within Lanarkshire Health Board area.
The main functions of Lanarkshire LMC are to advise, support, inform and represent the interests of primary care doctors (General Practitioners, Locums, Out of Hours Doctors, GP Registrars)
We provide support to GPs and practices on a broad range of issues. You can call, or email us

In the last year we have helped shape / supported practices on the following:

  • Negotiated Winter Hours Enhanced Services
  • Advice on premises
  • Primary Care Strategy
  • The role of pharmacists in the Practice
  • Primary Care Transformation Fund
  • Recruitment & Retention Fund
  • Sustaining General Practice
  • URTOW – some success – working on the bigger issues
  • Kardex transcription – DN requests
  • Treatment Room issues / access
  • Labs uplift & redesign
  • Prescribing issues – Area Drugs & Therapeutics Committee
  • Health & Social Care Partnerships
  • IM&T Advice
  • Improving access to physiotherapy – challenging where this is not delivered
  • Challenging Mental Health Access
  • Practice List closure/boundary issues
  • Negotiating Local Enhanced Services and ensuring funding goes to practices
  • Supported Practitioners in difficulty


The position with coronavirus is changing on a daily and hourly basis. We have an LMC representative on the board’s preparedness group and are committed to ensuring that everything is made as safe for GPs and their staff as possible.

We would recommend ensuring you are up to date with all guidance on management and safety of patients and your environment and suggest daily checking of the HPS website. We will also be updating the site on a regular basis

The link below is updated regularly and will link you to the regularly updated primary care guidance.