CMO Update Letter Andrew Buist 05 June 2020

CMO Update Letter to GPs 05 June 2020 (002)

Annex A – COVID-19 – SHIELDING – Extended shielding – Letter – June 8 – Final

Programme of testing in Lanarkshire care homes – 26 May 2020

PCA(M)(2020)09 – GP Practices – Additional Funding – COVID-19 – Update and Clarification – 20th May

CMO letter – SGHD(2020)15 – Re Updated Guidance to Medical Practitioners for Death Certification during the COVID-19 Pandemic – final -%2

Clinical and health care support for care homes residents during COVID-19 Pandemic

Mobilisation – letter to Chief Executives final version – 14 May 2020

Guidance for community Covid-19 related care V1.1 080520

14052020 GP PPE Supply NSS

COVID19 – HCW Testing – Updated Interim SOP Lateral Flow Testing of Asym…DL(2020)32 Guidance on expansion of HCW testing – 15.02.21FAQ Guide to Testing Healthcare Workers 15.02.21

LCA-Guidance-for-Members-on-Reopening-Buildings (Legionella)—13-05-20

CMO letter – SGHD(2020)14 – Case Definition Change – Final – 18 May 2020

CMO Letter – GP Extracts During COVID-19 – Final issed on 14 May 2020

Joint Letter SGPC RCGP Covid-19 Data Extraction and Analysis

CMO Update Letter to GPs May 2020 Final CMO

vaccination continuation letter to GPs (v2)29-4-20

Phone service triage flowchart

Defer or see MHLD V1.22

CMO Letter – Scottish Immunisation Programmes during the Covid-19 Pandemic Issued 9 April 2020 – final – SGHD_CMO(2020)10

Delivery of routine vaccinations and immunisations (Coronavirus outbreak)

GPs – Consolidated GP Guidance – 21 April 2020

EETC flow chart

EETC Optometry Practices 14May20


COVID modified medicines monitoring proposal – final 11.04.2020


GP Support for Care Homes – Final – Signed

GPs Care Home Guidance – Q&A April 2020

CMO Update Letter to GPs 13.4.20

Annex A Clinicians FAQs – Shielding

Annex B Second letter to patients (from Deputy First Minister)

Annex C CMO letter to patient – version for Clinicians to issue if they wish

Annex D Local Authority Shielding Contact Details

Primary Care Service Changes v 3 1 09042020

Shielding Letter to GPs 070420v2

Vision Facilitators – Communication Covid-19 Coding for the most vulnerable patients (Issued) V1.0 (003)

Patients – 2nd Mailer 20200407 ALL

L003 – Covid (DN) (002)

CMO Update Letter to GPs 020420

Cabinet Secy Letter Indemnity 07042020

Cabinet Secy Letter 01042020

COVID19 Clinical Advice – v2.2

COVID-19 Ethical Advice Support Guidance v2.2

SG Joint Letter- GP Public Holidays – Easter Weekend – 30 March v1 1

Covid Community Hub Arrangements -Scotland

Pandemic COVID-19 – CMO-COPFS-Police Scotland ltr re MCCD provision – Final – 24 Mar 2020 DEATH CERT

CMO Update Letter to GPs 020420

CNO CMO letter PPE guidance COVID-19 – 1 April 2020

Annex C – CMO Letter to Patients – 1 April Version

Annex B – Process for Identification of Patients on Immunosuppression therapy, at Highest Risk if COVID-19 exposure

Annex A – Search Criteria for Highest Risk Patients for Shielding