Travel Advice

As we are now in the holiday season I am sharing with you some resources which have been prepared by Health Protection Scotland in relation to travel health and travel vaccination.  These materials are intended to help raise awareness about the need to think about travel health and travel vaccinations. PDF formats of the posters are as below and these can be printed by an ordinary printer.  

 The poster aims to help both patients and GPs to recognise the value of accessing/providing travel health advice in a timely fashion and HPS has tried to demonstrate the impact imported infectious disease may have on individual health and the health of the wider public.  It also helps signpost patients to seek advice from the most appropriate and reliable sources for general travel advice e.g. from Fit for travel, and nhsinform (nhsinform ) and to make appointments at the GP practice for specific clinical advice, at least 6-8 weeks before travel.  The design is styled with the toucan logo and colour scheme from the HPS website.  A ‘Basic Travel Advice’ flyer in the same style leaflets will be professionally printed by HPS and made available upon request to GP practices.  The email address as contact to request leaflets  This consistent style will help familiarise both patients and GP practices with the HPS  website and ultimately to encourage colleagues and patients to access all the travel health information that HPS provides.

Correspondence received over the past few years suggests that practices and staff may not be clear on which prescriptions, vaccines and associated advice are included as part of NHS provision through GMS Additional Services, and which prescriptions, vaccines and associated advice are not included within NHS services and can be charged for. Guidance on this is available from the following sources:

Clinical advice is available to GP practices from the Travax website and the Green Book for immunisation guidance.

Advice and detailed information about which medication, that is carried during travel abroad, requires a confirmatory letter from the GP, is provided and updated by other agencies such as the Home Office and Foreign Consulates, as each country may have different requirements and is not provided by HPS.  However, HPS provides some general advice and links to other websites as below.

 Patients need to contact their travel agents or the Foreign Consulates to check the requirements of carrying medicine or medical equipment in plenty of time before travel.  Some examples are included below.